An Ode for HR Guy : “There once was an HR Guy from Nantucket ….”

An Ode for HR Guy


There once was an HR guy from Nantucket

Who thought about HR Technology and at first, said “………. it”

He wondered out loud how his global company could survive,

With employees of Chinese, Irish, Indian decent, virtually, trying to thrive,

on queries, issues and concerns from his executives and managers evermore,

with aging files, spreadsheets and poor data… at the core.

He knew what must be done, what was needed, but no one would listen,

To his preaching the value of a new software application, an HRM System.

How crazy to do so, was his first thought,

That is, until he considered the battles HR had fought.

For HR was considered a blockage, a hinder, a bureaucratic mess,

And until some costs were saved, colleagues considered HR only in jest.

So HR Guy considered the pros, cons, change and culture concerns,

and decided that a new cloud capability is feasible, with possibly good returns.

So moving ahead with due care, he selected an HR Technology provider from many.

With contract, implementation fees and staff, it ended up costing a “pretty penny”.

Improving HR processes, workflows, and providing self service to managers and staff,

the new HRMS gives efficiencies and savings, cutting time and costs in half.

Showing value and business impact while gaining a strategic role,

HR guy gains “clout” and moves up on the corporate totem pole.

Soon off to semi-retirement, for a Consultant he became,

helping other organizations play in this HR technology game.

So now, with new clients, no cares, no worries, no staff and still getting paid,

the HR guy is pleased, with all the HRMS decisions he had made.


Marc Miller

Marc S Miller Associates

February 27,2015